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About Compliance Consulting and Solutions L.L.C
Seeing a need initially in the passenger carrier industry through her extensive work in the field,  Elizabeth (Liz) Fatur founded Compliance Consulting and Solutions L.L.C to provide creative solutions that foster shared safety in transportation.

 Many commercial transport companies are family-owned, small  businesses. As such, owner operators wear many hats and must  prioritize where their valuable time will go. Compliance Consulting and  Solutions L.L.C helps businesses put their time into growing their profits  by helping them become more efficient with their compliance systems,  safety programs, and on-going maintenance of these programs.

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Compliance Consulting and Solutions knows that having a compliance program in place lets your drivers know that your company is professional and that you recognize them as professionals. 
Recognizing employees for their skill and experience increases their conscientiousness and performance, and helps create a culture of safety and accountability.
Passengers are precious cargo! They entrust you with their safety and rely on you to provide skilled and professional drivers. With increasing discernment, guests are checking safety ratings and looking up background info on companies before making a final selection for who they will ride with. Compliance Consulting and Solutions L.L.C will help you maintain your safety rating, screen-out drivers who do not meet your high standards, and keep you current on your existing files.